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My name is Julius Dein : ) I'm a 27 year old magician from London, travelling the world and blowing people's minds with street magic!

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Julius Dein
  • Alliyyah Baby

    Alliyyah Baby

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    She didn’t see the camera???

  • David Ebbesen

    David Ebbesen

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    How can this dude look himself in The mirror?

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    Simmons Entertainment

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    NEW #shorts Video!!!! Subscribe ❤️

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    RazZo YT

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    I am never going to subscribe U 🌝🤐

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    Hmenon Assis

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    Videos besta

  • kiti y la bandida

    kiti y la bandida

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    Que falso todos sus videos son sobre actuados 👎😒🙄

  • Malboanoph Gomes

    Malboanoph Gomes

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    Kkkk meu Deus kkk 😂

  • Faiyaz Reza

    Faiyaz Reza

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    Me :Yeah he is Julius subscribe for more
    Everyone : let him be the loner kid

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    Саргис Гянджумян

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    Meena Kamini

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    • Meena Kamini

      Meena Kamini

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    Emillia Werdiningsih

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  • felixberto jr pola

    felixberto jr pola

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  • Funny Seven

    Funny Seven

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    This is how WWE operates..🙏

  • samsudin ismail

    samsudin ismail

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  • Cleave Amores

    Cleave Amores

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    Mga bogo!!!!!

  • Raden Rahmat Saputra

    Raden Rahmat Saputra

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  • Anthony Jimenez

    Anthony Jimenez

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    C'est de la merdasse ta video

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    Shanno Bee

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    저거 왔을때 다보이는데 이거 짜서한거 아님?

  • octavio retamal

    octavio retamal

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    FALSO Y MENTIROSO ... ella sabia.

  • Ciane Nicole Perez

    Ciane Nicole Perez

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    Backtheblue 109

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  • John S

    John S

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    I literally hate you people

  • Mnty_GreensXD


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    why do these things get so many subscribers and likes?😒🙄

  • Luis Sena

    Luis Sena

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    En el primer corte de los supuestos dedos no esta el platano😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • isela stefany ponce nuñez

    isela stefany ponce nuñez

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  • 𝆝 ִ  ࣪ itachi pikachu⃞𝆯

    𝆝 ִ ࣪ itachi pikachu⃞𝆯

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    tao natural quanto a luz de uma lampada

  • ali bhai

    ali bhai

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  • Ricky zaid Alcala

    Ricky zaid Alcala

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    no se puso los suicide do 5

  • Sarika chopra

    Sarika chopra

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    Pagal hai bhai.. Hahaha chef red

  • Nicole Madden

    Nicole Madden

    Pred dňom

    Idk why I keep watching these. I guess in hopes that one day they'll at least try to make it believable...

  • Green_octo72


    Pred dňom

    It was so funny I forgot to laugh 😑

  • Zobeida Villamar Herrera

    Zobeida Villamar Herrera

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    Me cae mal que graba

  • zé grilo

    zé grilo

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    100% real 😎

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    Android App

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    Noobboy gaming

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    WTF how they get million like

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    Suji Balu

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    Super bro

  • whatsup2021


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    Dude I would notice that

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    Wyane Right

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    Chitra p Chitra

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  • Gdttj Yhu

    Gdttj Yhu

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    Nice video

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    Suzana Cruz

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    John Salazar

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  • Pamela Shaw

    Pamela Shaw

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    I don't like the dude at the end

  • Emir Y_T

    Emir Y_T

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    Is bait

  • ItsCompaYT


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    100 porcien nooooo actuado

  • Ko3


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    Sorry but the dude looks high on methamphetamine

  • 이슨니아골부


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    Helena gou

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    Mimi of Sara

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    migdalia colina

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  • Yanelis Marcela Gallego Trejos

    Yanelis Marcela Gallego Trejos

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    Ajjajajajja pobre muchacha

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    Marjah Javier

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  • Ryguyrocky Da best

    Ryguyrocky Da best

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    Wow I bet she had no idea!😅

  • Swanson


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    I guess it’s possible to get bots to view and like your videos, god have mercy on these talentless freaks.

  • Urmila Tamang

    Urmila Tamang

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  • Joel Pimentel

    Joel Pimentel

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    V vvvvbnn

  • jasmine johnson

    jasmine johnson

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    She can hear ou

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    Patty Cakez

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    L&m Indumentaria

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    Cristian Paredes

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    Que merda.

  • Alina Bulgariu

    Alina Bulgariu

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  • Rog73 Rog73

    Rog73 Rog73

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    Tu sais parler français

  • CeO bugged_

    CeO bugged_

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    This video encouraged me to focus more on my studies and not end up this desperate 💀

  • Sonia Pandilla

    Sonia Pandilla

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  • 24In24Out


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    This is lame

  • Priyanshi


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    Chal bye

  • Mostafa H

    Mostafa H

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    هبهايضغممني عةب نظام نتلى

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    Vari Gayathri

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    Not even a 5 year old would fall for that 🙄

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    Tiktok is cancer

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    6б Баттөгс

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  • 전형준


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  • Бекмырза Садиров

    Бекмырза Садиров

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    Если честно твая девка или кто там низн она слепая бл палевна же

  • Itz Anime

    Itz Anime

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    Day by Day my respect towards Thanos increases!

    • Sunita Jadhav

      Sunita Jadhav

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      @BȚŚ 🍇💜 cccccc

    • Sunita Jadhav

      Sunita Jadhav

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      @dheerendra Raghuwanshi clg b

    • BȚŚ 🍇💜

      BȚŚ 🍇💜

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      @dheerendra Raghuwanshi نم مم

    • dheerendra Raghuwanshi

      dheerendra Raghuwanshi

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      Bro I was here Just to wrote this same comment 🤣

  • joy kitten

    joy kitten

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    i’m maxine and i won’t subscribe for more

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    Adi a Scotty

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    Dilek Celik

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    Sevgi vkgjkjjughvbumkli

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    cẩm thạch Cột giả đá

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    Fadli Bhakary

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    Watha fok

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    Keluarga SMW

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    Hi Jo no PM no no in

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    Bablu Sharma

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    Drata है किसी को

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    Darth Rinkus

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    It makes me sad knowing people like this exist

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    Risti Aprillia

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  • ℂ𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕖☕︎︎ 𝕞𝕠𝕠𝕟

    ℂ𝕠𝕗𝕗𝕖𝕖☕︎︎ 𝕞𝕠𝕠𝕟

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    How convenient to have (holes) in your cutting board

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    carlos ramos

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    Jhonatan valencia

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    Renato Calvocante

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    Eu vi a mulher olhando mas eu achei engraçado 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    Henry Unegbu

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    Good prenk💗💗