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After 20 years of crafting jewelry sometimes I need to challenge myself just for the pleasure of creating. Today I´m going to turn 2 brass hex nuts into a 1 Ct diamond ring. I can craft the same engagement ring design in 18K white gold or platinum.

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I’m a jewelry designer. In this channel you can find the beauty of the small things.


Pablo Cimadevila
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      Pure Magic!

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    Você faz transformações maravilhoso Você!

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    Tus manos son como la de un Dios.

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    Now I know how to make fake rings lol 😂

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    *De un mortal a inmortal.*

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    Sehr schön , Mui bien👍

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    Всё пройдёт!!!

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    Это раньше в Азербайджане делали, и дарили школе любимой девушке так что вы чучут на 25 лет вы опаздали,

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    You start see this video thinking "omg he's going to turn a bolt into a ring" nothing else. In the end this video leaves you almost shocked, by everything in it.

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    Nice work bro so beautiful amazing

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    Respect! 😍✨

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    So talented! I really enjoyed watching the video and I cute.

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    That was amazing



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    Pada ngomongin apa sih kagak ngerti !!! Ada orang indonesia nggak disini ? Ngumpul ??

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    I wished i have one of your pieces.but i cant afford it its precious...sososo beautiful.

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    con razon salen tan caros, cada paso es valiosisimo y muy delicadamente preparado

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    Hey! This video inspired me to build a ring for my girlfriend. I don’t have the tools you do but it was going great for what I had. But when I went to set the diamond I was squeezing the prongs and the pliers slipped and crushed the uncut diamond and broke a piece off. I ordered a new diamond that isn’t as rough and was wondering if you could suggest any tools or dremel bits that would help my the job a little easier I would greatly appreciate it!!

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    Increíblemente hermoso.

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    I’m tired of seeing YouTube videos of random trends get more likes and more views than YouTube videos of art pieces that take time and effort and skill to make. This deserves way more likes and way more views and way more support.

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    Lindíssimo parabéns gostaria de ter um anel assim

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    Your so talented . I selut you your like a Hero .handsoft to you. 👌👌👌👌

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    Impressive! 😎

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    Felicidades 3mendo

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    Me encanta cuando hacen el arte tan solo con las manos dedicación y pasiencia poniendo todo el amor en la obra .... Hermosísimo . ❤️

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    Absolutely marvellous 🤩

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    beautiful I love your work sir keep up the great work. And love the tattoo what it says

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    Que interesante su trabajo, buen video, saludos desde Chile

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    MashahAllah you are great in create
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    Ok Bro my heart is for you kiss your soul brother !
    Amazing 🥲

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    I just came across this, you sir are a true artist, i watched in awe, you really are gifted.

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    But its a cheap alloy metal that will turn the skin green and tarnish

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    WOW! you know your shit!!! Incredible vision and talent!

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    I lov you baybe

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    Молодец, очень классно получилось, успехов тебе

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    What a beautiful ring I ever seen.

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    I got shivers at the end of the video, such an masterpiece!
    I love this type of content !

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    Crazy and great!

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    Sin palabras la verdad

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    I don't care about your face, where you live, or your taste in music. Next time lock the camera onto your work bench and just do the work.

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    il faut être fou pour faire une telle chose. il y a des folies heureuses. si tous les fous de ce monde agissaient ainsi ce serait le paradis ; c'est un travail de très haute qualité , et je vais dire à ma femme d'aller chez Leroy merlin pour choisir ses bijoux ! Félicitations Pablo, j'aime le travail manuel et c'est une belle leçon pour moi. la fin de la vidéo est belle. merci

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    The only issue is it would turn your fingies green, I totally forgot about this fact until im now I'm home with a brass hex nut about to attempt to recreate this 😅

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