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While few of us will ever take on the ambitious challenge of learning four foreign languages in a year, many of us yearn to be more proficient in another language. The secret to success as it turns out is simpler than you think.

Scott Young is a blogger, speaker and author. He previously spoke at TEDx EastsidePrep about his project “The MIT Challenge” to self-test MIT’s undergraduate computer science curriculum in one year, using their freely available information. His most recent project was with Vat Jaiswal, traveling to four countries, learning languages, with the goal of not speaking English for an entire year. He writes about learning and self-education at his website,

Vat Jaiswal is a graduate student, aspiring architect and filmmaker. His most recent project was with Scott Young on The Year Without English, where he traveled through Spain, Brazil, China, Taiwan and Korea creating four short documentaries on language learning and cultural immersion. He shares his work, including experimental time-lapse photography and an interview series with successful architects, at

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • Adrian Mannella

    Adrian Mannella

    Pred 14 dňami

    Captions aren't very good. E.g. he references (Dr.) Steven Brown, a professor of English as a Second Language at *Youngstown* University. ("Einstein" University doesn't exist; Einstein College of *Medicine* does, but they don't study linguistics there.)

  • Capacitor Inductor

    Capacitor Inductor

    Pred 15 dňami

    I am seriously disappointed at all the comments here with people who swallowed all the lies that these two guys said.
    First of all, language acquisition is a subconscious process, not a conscious one. We acquire language ONLY when we receive comprehensible input, i.e. messages that we understand. TALKING IS NOT PRACTISING. There is NO evidence whatsoever that talking o writing improves the communicative achievement. That's why they didn't cite any scientific study when speaking about their method, because THERE IS JUST NO EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT IT. Besides, if you speak too early on while studying a foreign language you risk your output abilities becoming seriously flawed because you are not saying anything that is correct and that can create bad habits in the long run. It would be possible, though, to better your accent by only talking but only when you have a very high comprehension ability because that way you can actually tell what's wrong with your accent because you already have the way that language works embedded into your brain. Moreover, native speakers WILL NOT correct all your mistakes, they'll just skip lots of them, in fact. And here I only talked about pollishing off your accent; they only way you become more fluent in the language is by receiving lots of input.
    7:46 Furthermore, in 3 months the best you can achieve (and in fact they didn't even achieve, and I can tell because I am a Spanish native speaker and know what their Spanish level actually is when listening to them) is just a very basic level with which you can't in fact speak about the meaning of life or even simpler subjects relating friendship, schoolship, money spending, language learning, etc. In that level you can only talk about colors, simple feelings, and not much more. I literally laughed when they said that they speak confident Spanish, hahahaha, come on, your messages in Spanish on week 12 weren't even comprehensible to me.

    In conclusion, you need to practise the correct way, which is Stephen Krashen's way (search it on google): you need to only receive messages that you can understand and don't talk at all in the first stages, lots of messages in fact.

  • English Study

    English Study

    Pred 21 dňom

    Someone could help me? I'm trying to learn english by myself. I've studied about 01 year, and need someone to practic, it can be in whatsapp. Sorry if have any mistake on this writting. I'm from Brasil. Bye.

  • David Spector

    David Spector

    Pred mesiacom

    Problems with this method: 1. Many people don't know anyone who speaks the language they wish to learn; 2. During a pandemic, it is even harder to speak with other people on a daily basis; 3. Imagine someone approaches you at work every lunchtime and tries to speak English only, because they wish to learn English. How long will it take before you start avoiding this person, even though you want to help them in principle? So, this no-English rule doesn't seem at all practical for me.
    I am learning four languages at Duolingo (free) and YoYo Chinese (low-cost), two online prepackaged language courses. I've been regular, about forty minutes once a day for three months. I can say that I can tolerate these lessons, but I can't say that I really enjoy them. I feel frequent frustration with the fact that they are not tailored to what I find easy or hard to learn, and with their software bugs. Also, I forget old parts of the language while trying to learn new parts. I haven't learned the numbers, confidently, in any of the languages. I do feel that I am vaguely familiar with the basics of the four languages, but I can't read, write, speak, or understand speech in any one after three months of study.

  • Vishesh Agarwal

    Vishesh Agarwal

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    I missed my Duolingo spanish lessons. 😭

  • S S

    S S

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    Video is a vapid presentation of facts collected elsewhere. Number one - your first second language should be the language you are truly in love with, not the country you can/can't get to immediately. The 2nd language that you truly want to express yourself in vs. a language that is forced on you.

  • SUP Hire Thailand

    SUP Hire Thailand

    Pred mesiacom

    Thank you both. I have spent 6 months being very determined to learn Thai in Thailand. I am switching to the ‘no-English rule’ today.

  • Believe in nature

    Believe in nature

    Pred mesiacom

    Love this video! It reminded me of all I did to learn how speak English. First of all, I felt in love with the sound of the English language when I was in 3rd grade. A couple of salesman came to my school offering English books. They went classroom by classroom teaching English from their books. My first words were:
    That demonstration made me dream on speaking English someday, just like those gays spoke.
    Second, even though English was not part of the academical curriculum at the elementary school, I played pretending that I spoke English by repeating words and some sentences I heard in songs.
    Second, once I was in secondary school (middle and high school) I had English clases twice a week only, but oh boy, those two hours were like the bread and water that fed me. For some reason it was so easy for me to understand the English grammar. Writing words, sentences and paragraphs were like putting puzzle pieces together.
    My best grades were in the English classes. I think, I never got tired of making the effort to learn the language.
    Third, I had the opportunity to continue my education in the United States. I took some ESL (English as a Second Language) clases. I remember telling my self that If I really wanted to understand the English language and speak it I had to play the rule NO SPANISH AT ALL. So, I distanced myself from all Spanish speaking classmates (unless we spoke English) and became great friends with a classmate from Vietnam and another one from South Korea. We forced each other to speak English because it was our common language. Lastly, I decided to work for a few hours a day. This also helped me to force myself to speak English because nobody spoke Spanish.
    I think that to learn how to speak another language you must have a STRONG DESIRE to do all it takes to accomplish the goal.
    To this day, I am still learning and I love it!!!
    What I am going to do now is learning how to speak Italian!!! I love that language as well!!!
    Best luck to those learners!!!

  • diego flores de leon

    diego flores de leon

    Pred mesiacom

    Alguien que quiera practicar?, hablo español

  • Yoginirunner


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    I grew up speaking 4 languages, in my country most people would speak 2 as the country has 2 native languages. I cannot count how many times knowing these languages has helped me whenever I travel abroad.

  • Somebody posted this comment

    Somebody posted this comment

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    5:52 Lol I'm seeking English

  • Alive Outside

    Alive Outside

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  • Ben Franke

    Ben Franke

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    Someone needs to do a TEDx Talk on how to record TEDx talks.

  • Joe Costner

    Joe Costner

    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    the answer is bang a foreign chick

  • Brandon Detty

    Brandon Detty

    Pred 3 mesiacmi

    Their anecdotal experience doesn't demonstrate causality. The current best theory of language acquisition from Dr. Stephen Krashen agrees with decades of evidence and says that input is all that matters to acquire a language. Writing and speaking right away it's useless or detrimental. What they experienced is a massive amount of input. Refusing to use English causes other people to use the target language with you more, and that increase in input is likely what aided them. The effect they experienced is real, but their advice sets people up for stress and discomfort because it attributes the wrong cause to their feelings of success.

    • Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

      Dr. Cornelius Q. Cadbury

      Pred 2 mesiacmi

      I would not take Krashen’s theorizing as gospel. He has contradicted himself many times. He was a big advocate for “bilingual” education in California before it was voted down. Krashen claimed that teaching kids mostly in Spanish was the best way for them to learn English which is obviously not true. There are also many studies about the importance of recall/retrieval (as opposed to simple recognition) and speaking is the best way to do that. Interaction may be important as well. Listening and reading can work pretty well but I think people learn faster if they’re actively using the language.

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  • Chinese Culture (中国文化)

    Chinese Culture (中国文化)

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    I love it.👑

  • Ahussain Safety Supervisor

    Ahussain Safety Supervisor

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    Learning a language has an easy task if someone gives their 100%, focus....

  • HUMA Farm System

    HUMA Farm System

    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Sorry I can't apply "No English" rule...
    Coz currently I on my progress to improve my english 😁

  • DuduSP


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    The sound is very awful...I couldn't understand what they said...

  • Thomas Armer

    Thomas Armer

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    Step 1 : an awful sound prevents you from being listened to.

  • Luke Guest

    Luke Guest

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    So, they went to Spain to learn Spanish, but instead of going a small way over the border to Portugal to learn Portuguese, they went to Brazil to learn Brazilian Portuguese, what???

  • Luke Guest

    Luke Guest

    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Got mics, being recorded, terrible quality.

  • Abel Zoni

    Abel Zoni

    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    I have been learning Spanish. I stopped speaking all English. I have not spoke to my wife in 6 months and I stilled can't speak Spanish. My neighbor thinks I had a stroke.

  • Traken


    Pred 4 mesiacmi

    Best Advice I have ever heard for learning conversation. I think the initial idea of immersion was exactly this: No native speaking, only the new tongue. People seem to think they are practicing immersion just because they go to a foreign country, but then speak English to everyone. No - no - no. If you are speaking your mother tongue you are not immersed. So immerse yourself!

  • nguyễn khôi

    nguyễn khôi

    Pred 5 mesiacmi

    có ai tới đây để làm bài cô Nhã giống tôi không?

    • anh minh le

      anh minh le

      Pred 5 mesiacmi

      H tôi mới đang làm

  • Pali & Buddhist Dhammalipi Education Institute

    Pali & Buddhist Dhammalipi Education Institute

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  • 임현철


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  • Kelly Aguilar

    Kelly Aguilar

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  • Мама Анархия

    Мама Анархия

    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Насколько же ни о чем. Как и остальное от этого проекта ютуба.

  • PandaHeroCommunity


    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Doesn't makes any sense, if i can't use English how am i suppose to understand the meaning???
    Like i literally need the English meaning.

  • Mmurillo Heywork

    Mmurillo Heywork

    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    I am learning ingles for 3 years sometimes i am very frustrated 😖

  • Bob


    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Many years ago I studied for a year in Taiwan to learn Chinese. People in the town always wanted to practice their English with me. I had to pretend that I spoke Spanish, not English; otherwise, my Chinese never would have developed as well.

  • Tullochgorum


    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    I think they're wrong. The actual secret of learning a language is to find a way of engaging actively with it that you really enjoy.
    That way you can study day after day for the the hundreds of hours it takes without burning out.
    Their way might be great for extroverts like them or for Benny Lewis - a YouTube polyglot who uses a similar approach. But it would be torture for introverts.
    I know accomplished polyglots who study for months before they say a word to anyone else. They use self-talk instead.
    There's no one best way - just the personalised way that keeps you motivated over the long term, with your own unique abilities, goals, likes and dislikes.

  • Diego. Oliveira

    Diego. Oliveira

    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    Very nice. Thanks guys!

  • Shakiba Moshiri

    Shakiba Moshiri

    Pred 6 mesiacmi

    This method works with no doubt but presenters did not mention why!
    The reason is that mind gives priority to anything which repeated more. When we learn a new language we should stop using our brain with our native one and force it to always use new one. Using both languages (old one + new one) ruins the new one!

  • Hien Nguyen

    Hien Nguyen

    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    welcome to 2021

  • they walking up to you and

    they walking up to you and

    Pred 7 mesiacmi

    So to learn a language
    1. Look for someone that knows that language (maybe fly and live to another country for a while to meet them)
    2. Have no job or responsibility that will prevent you from dropping everything and living somewhere for months and not need to utilize your primary language
    3. Have the means to live there for months

  • Londyn uddin Uaira

    Londyn uddin Uaira

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  • Andrew Z

    Andrew Z

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  • Figo Mouad

    Figo Mouad

    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    Memory palace is the beautiful tool to learn any language

  • safiah nordin

    safiah nordin

    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    Good info 👍... gonna try this

  • Nick


    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    How does one maintain fluency in another language? I understand thinking and living in the language, but what if we get away from it after achieving fluency? If I go a couple months thinking and living in my native tongue, do I lose fluency in the language I studied?

  • GatoMaestro


    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    Sim, acho que nosso cérebro segue a lei do menor esforço... Por isso é difícil aprender um novo idioma

  • Da Big G

    Da Big G

    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    The Chinese thing at the end also appears in Mary Poppins: "well begun is half done".

  • Abby Swan

    Abby Swan

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    The nervous screen electronmicroscopically explode because sarah astonishingly yawn out a ossified silk. torpid, parsimonious hardboard

  • Dragon eighty

    Dragon eighty

    Pred 8 mesiacmi

    One method ,one guy could listen english language and speak fair fluently in 2months........only one method!!!!!

  • Jarek Jaro

    Jarek Jaro

    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    love cool...thank you

  • Tammera Power

    Tammera Power

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  • wanda


    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    what they mentioned sounds very easy but it's so hard to find a patient partner. right now i'm trying to learn mandarin and i'd love to speak with other people only using mandarin but how can i do that if i only know few words?

  • bpetnoi


    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    I don't buy into this 100%. I have found that no matter how hard I try sometimes I just can't get the meaning of a new word. I am learning Thai and during a recent visit to Thailand people keep asking where I was from. I know how to tell them I am American and that I come from the United States. Suddenly some one asked me what state I came from. I understood the whole sentence except for the Thai word for "state". I was totally mystified. Well I went home and asked my wife who speaks three languages what does this unknown Thai word mean. First she had to ask me for context so I spoke back the sentence as I understood it. Thai being tonal meant not only didn't I understand the word I didn't understand the tone. Well after asking her this question in Thai she looked at me and said that word means "state". I have never forgotten that word even though I hardly ever use it. So sometimes one has to switch back to ones native language or you will just be lost.. On the other hand if the Thai people speaking with me had owned an Atlas and said something like California is a state, Colorado is a state, etc. I might have made the connection, but by myself without the help of either the native speaker or my wife speaking my native language I would still have no idea what this word meant. Right now in my studies I hear a word commonly used in Thai and can't figure out its meaning so far. I can't look it up as I don't read or write Thai. So once again even though I have heard the word many times I must ask for the correct meaning. I think I know what it means, I just can't be 100% sure. All in all I do believe speaking in the language is the best approach, but in my mind it is not 100% the best approach. Voice to text software for Thai is not a good tool, as again the language is tonal and I could walk away thinking I was correctly ordering a dish of fried fish and the waitress was wondering why I was ordering deep fried elephant. It actually happened to me when one day someone took the time to ask with jesters and such if I really wanted fried knee caps instead of fried rice.

  • nabil liban

    nabil liban

    Pred 9 mesiacmi

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  • Can Nha

    Can Nha

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  • Ravi D

    Ravi D

    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    I tried to learn English for the last three to four years but until now I am not very confident about myself to speak in English because all the time I am self-conscious about myself, but now I know that I can write much better than 4 years earlier but the fact remains same even now I can't speak very well in English

  • Shree Rane

    Shree Rane

    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    Very informative....I am not very fluent in English..but my dream is to be very fluent as native American...

  • StarrySmart


    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    Nice video~

  • ゆうた


    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    The thing I'm lately trying is to talk to my pet dog in English. Also the dog can't express her feelings aloud, but I can have the motivation to speak English in front of her. Because it seems like she understands English of me. Because the ability of sence is really high. So I recomend people to try this method if you keep a dog.

  • ゆうた


    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    I think this method is useful. But to find such person might be a little difficult for people who don't live abroad.

  • Tuấn Hùng

    Tuấn Hùng

    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    From Nha Tran's class with luv :3

  • heth Armanda

    heth Armanda

    Pred 9 mesiacmi

    I want to learn language add me on WhatsApp+16136041451

  • ScottBradyFitness


    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Not sure my employer would accept me dealing with clients in Norwegian all day

  • Don Blackh

    Don Blackh

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Latine voces tristi...

  • horace arroya

    horace arroya

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Learning a language is like building muscles. Everyone wants them but most people won't put in the effort.

  • José Germano Brandão

    José Germano Brandão

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Very good this talk

  • Sandy Degener

    Sandy Degener

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    This is a good vid but like the rest it is not for beginners. Why not make things simple, and just start going from giving information to asking for information. All you need to begin having a conversation, is mastery over five kinds of words. That will allow you to confirm or deny information. Monologues are nice, but people want INTERACTION. To do the "moving to another country" thingy, you need to be at LEAST at the INTERMEDIATE level. L.L. is not acquired by osmosis. That also goes for talking with a native. Learn the three Major Movements (and their respective vocanularies) before even thinking of Social Conversation.

  • Sandy Degener

    Sandy Degener

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    "Total Imersion is a great tecnique, but is only really useful to intermediate students.

    • Sandy Degener

      Sandy Degener

      Pred 10 mesiacmi

      @Al 72 Look, language learning isn't hard if you do it right. You can learn how to converse in a new language over coffee, but that doesn't mean you can go into a coffee shop and strike up a conversation with an 18 YO person. The conversation at this point is going to be technical. Once you can confirm or deny information, you are ready to learn the information that we use in a social encounter. Once you know THAT info, you are better prepared for "Total Immersion"...and this is just to talk about things and people. The only other thing lacking to complete this package, is how to talk about actions. Once you get to that trinity, you are ready for the "Outside World". At this point you are also ready for ESL, apps, and SVsupport methods and advice.

    • Sandy Degener

      Sandy Degener

      Pred 10 mesiacmi

      @Al 72...but you were a beginner. I'm talking about someone that knows nothing.

  • Htet AungLynn

    Htet AungLynn

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    I love this method. This really makes me get started at learning language.

  • Phylis Joykin

    Phylis Joykin

    Pred 10 mesiacmi

    Of course it's kind of relatively easy to learn a foreign language if you live in a country where that language is spoken or is the native language. But what happen when you can't go there. Any tips on how do you learn a foreign language in your own country where the targeted is not spoken.

  • Pine Wood

    Pine Wood

    Pred 11 mesiacmi

    stopped watching after 3 minutes of them just saying what every single person already knows

  • keybrewer82


    Pred 11 mesiacmi

    Bravo! It makes sense. I tried telling my Spanish speaking co-worker to speak only in spanish but then i go back to English. Will be consistent

  • storm of swords

    storm of swords

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    Zézé dicamargo????

  • Tom Dangerous

    Tom Dangerous

    Pred 11 mesiacmi

    If you didn't know that the fastest way to learn a language is to only speak that language, then this is the video for you.

  • Ss Ss

    Ss Ss

    Pred rokom

    I want learn turkish and i search for podcast plz help me

  • Damien Ward

    Damien Ward

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    Wait this man just said mandarin and Korean 3 months pffffftttttff

  • Dark Messiah

    Dark Messiah

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  • Rizwan rizwan

    Rizwan rizwan

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    I don't know why ? While I watching. Ted talk I feel sleepy,

  • Maiko Cezar

    Maiko Cezar

    Pred rokom

    I would love to understand how someone completely new would understand anything in a different language, a really different one, for example, Arabic, Japanese, etc Any ideas?

  • Fernanda Maciel Colombini

    Fernanda Maciel Colombini

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    Pensei que fosse o Zezé rsrsrs

  • Erick Perez.

    Erick Perez.

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    i need my broter for practic inglish.

  • Jordi Martinez

    Jordi Martinez

    Pred rokom

    Shouldn't you ask if that co-worker is willing to speak Spanish with you? Maybe that person feels that need to learn English. Imagine that people in Spain would have decided to practice their English with you, you wouldn't have been able to practice at all with them. In these situations you should always ask and don't push your interests.

  • Dive with Mc Del

    Dive with Mc Del

    Pred rokom

    I've been trying to learn French for quite some time now. I could speak a few words or a couple of sentences but I'm still holding back coz whenever I try speak it, my mind goes crazy of thinking on what word to use (which is normal when you're learning a new language) but mostly i get embarrassed when I try speak it and people don't get what i was trying to say. and when they do get it, they'd ask me if i could speak it, then respond that i could speak a little then they'll speak to me in full French and some of them would look at me like I'm a dummy when i don't fully understand them lol! Then i get frustrated and just speak in English again

  • 谢嘉明


    Pred rokom

    Great, I will speak more about English than before!
    Every word I am typing right now is what I wanna to say.

    • Hello Dapp

      Hello Dapp

      Pred 10 mesiacmi

      how about 4 months later? hows your english now?

    • isalmu nagem

      isalmu nagem

      Pred rokom

      What about your English a month later? Does it getting better?

  • Mac Sicily

    Mac Sicily

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    Audio is orrible

  • Logan King

    Logan King

    Pred rokom

    I guess the only thing I dont really understand is how you would learn grammar and whatnot. Like german grammar is fairly different than English grammar, and it's got a few different words for the, so how would you learn all of that

  • JJ B

    JJ B

    Pred rokom

    From my experience, French speakers in Canada are not very helpful with this. If you can't speak their language perfectly, they don't even want you to attempt speaking with them. This has been the drawback. However, when speaking Korean with a friend at work, he is more than willing to help me out. The same goes for speaking Spanish with the Spanish speakers. They love that you try speaking their language. On top of this, I have been able to pick up a lot of ASL speaking with the hearing impaired as well. All, except the French speakers, are very helpful. This is my experience.

  • Đoàn Hải Lý

    Đoàn Hải Lý

    Pred rokom

    according to the video, what are the 3 misconceptions

  • MahMouD Elahrash

    MahMouD Elahrash

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  • ライアン


    Pred rokom

    You know how hard it is to find 1 native language speaker let alone one person anymore ITS 2020 finding people is hard, mainly from social anxiety, but also a bit from the virus

    • あなたがすごいだよ


      Pred rokom

      Try out something like r/penpals and look for people who speak your target language. I've found it to be an extremely useful source and commit yourself to not only a no English rule when writing to them, but also a no English rule if you talk to them over Discord or something like that

  • Larry Jones

    Larry Jones

    Pred rokom

    The gentleman on the left needs a new microphone.

  • Kyla Pabillore

    Kyla Pabillore

    Pred rokom

    Because it's quarantine I'm starting to learn hangul❤thank you for some tips.

  • Василиса Кобец

    Василиса Кобец

    Pred rokom

    If you want to learn a new language while self-isolating at home, check out Bamboo Taal.  It caters 12 languages to choose from such as  English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and many others. They have only native speakers for professional and spoken courses. To get a 10% discount, use a coupon: It is valid till 01/06/2020. @t

  • Jennifer Shell

    Jennifer Shell

    Pred rokom

    What is the recommendation for comprehending the native speaker talking back to you? Feeling the confidence to speak is one obstacle, but understanding what is said to you presents another issue. Do you have a suggestion?

  • Market ing-24

    Market ing-24

    Pred rokom

    بەڕاستی بلیمەتن ئێوە :) هەتیو کۆری و چینی فێربوون براڕۆۆۆۆ

  • Fendi Trader

    Fendi Trader

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    2 Rules
    1. Learn
    2. Speak



    Pred rokom

    Ola pili q buen video

  • Dhiraj Bhandari

    Dhiraj Bhandari

    Pred rokom

    method to learn language is to force yourself to the language you are trying to learn by avoiding your native language.

  • Urban Globetrotter

    Urban Globetrotter

    Pred rokom

    I knew a guy that lived in Panama for 8 years and does not speak spanish. One reason is because the majority of his associations were english speaking expats. Now that he is no longer in Panama, he is now taking it seriously.

  • Citlaly Ortiz

    Citlaly Ortiz

    Pred rokom

    Their accents are so thick, listening is more important than speaking. If you speak too much in the beginning, you’ll get bad habits like a thick american accent in another language

  • Anka Kusu

    Anka Kusu

    Pred rokom

    Thank you

  • Emre Kara

    Emre Kara

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    Barış özcan