Cook the chicken this way the result is amazing and delicious !!!

Zverejnené 18 jan 2021
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Cook the chicken this way you will be surprised the result is just amazing and delicious !!!!

Hey, hello I hope you are doing well today I share with you a new way of cooking the little known chicken for a delicious result, a very tender and really fragrant chicken
a true delight

Chicken drumsticks
200 ml milk
200 ml of water
a clove of garlic
100g of flour
100 g breadcrumbs
1 large egg or 2 small
salt, pepper, paprika, garlic, thyme, chili, dry parsley
frying oil

dans la cuisine de sou
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    C bon



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  • Werner Heisenberg

    Werner Heisenberg

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    Mto trabalho

  • zoraide rosa ribeiro

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    Como fazer Galinhada

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  • kankani simone

    kankani simone

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    Is cream not better?🤔 I used to have this mixed with Garlic cream sauce delicious doesn't even require peppers



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    7 is the 3455ty un.

  • Hans Rüdiger

    Hans Rüdiger

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    Milk steak is better

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    Looks good

  • Otilia Llanes

    Otilia Llanes

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    De sanaoria

  • Blackfoot & African Queen

    Blackfoot & African Queen

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    You should be ashamed for showing this to the internet. Why do the pale faces cook like this? Boiling chicken in milk and water? Seasoning with salt and pepper? Ugh this is why I never eat yall food. Gross, I almost got sick just looking at this disrespectful ass crap.

  • Valeria Ramírez

    Valeria Ramírez

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  • eljo de Freitas

    eljo de Freitas

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    Looks delicious.

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    Can I pet that dog

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    Печень развалится от масла

  • 21st century Viking

    21st century Viking

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    It looks like most of the seasoning is gonna come from the breading. Its probably a good unnecessary way of cooking chicken but whatever

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    KhoiTMR Nguyen

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    Sửa j ta

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    I hear my gallbladder protesting. Jeanne

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    Me gusta cómo quedo quedo rico ne dieron ganas de comer te quedo increíble delicioso eres la mejor chef del mundo con amor 'l Love ani peres

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    video salatası

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    Beğenmedim, hazlanmadim. Bağa hitab etmiyore

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    DANKE DIR MEIN FREUND - Hugs ~sara~

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    Wm. G. Thilgen Jr.

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    I find it considerably faster not to mention easier, to go to KFC or PopEyes.

    • 11B10 Inf

      11B10 Inf

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      Not to mention cleaner and safer for consumption.

  • Recon Naissance

    Recon Naissance

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    닭다리 한꺼번에 놓고 위치잡음 되지, 하나씩 놓네...

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    Cảm ơn bạn đã chia sẽ

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  • your my only girl babe

    your my only girl babe

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    What milk and what flour you used? pls

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  • Vivian Agire

    Vivian Agire

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  • Brenson John

    Brenson John

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    Wow that made me hungry are they using coconut milk or milk

  • Philip Charlie

    Philip Charlie

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  • Fredy Larrarte Saba

    Fredy Larrarte Saba

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    Delicioso y facil

  • Ntirushwubwenge Dorian Ishatse

    Ntirushwubwenge Dorian Ishatse

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    KFC, 😂

  • יעקב יעקבי

    יעקב יעקבי

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    בשר וחלב?

  • Baba Nawab

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    Sapot me please

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    sarmitha lahiri

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    Awesome 😘😍

  • Betty Echols

    Betty Echols

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    The people in Ohio and West Virginia that I visited could not fry chicken.

  • Betty Echols

    Betty Echols

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    NOT fried chicken. Looks slimy

  • Marlene Martins de Souza

    Marlene Martins de Souza

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    Não entendi a receita oque usou?

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    Kim Trinidad Bergeron

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    That should be Illegal!!!! 🤢

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  • jose salvador farfan

    jose salvador farfan

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    Esto es lo mismo que una milanesa de pollo, todo el preparado igual solo de la pechuga y piernas sin huesos

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    Mui bon

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    Haşladığı suyunu ziyan etti.Suyundanda pilav yapması gerekirdi 🙂

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    Can I have some

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    Mi piacciono

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    Si hijito

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    Me gusta esa receta

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    what flour? rice flour? wheat flour?

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  • евгений иванов

    евгений иванов

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    Прежде чем готовить хоть бы почистила нормально эти ноги☠️

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    Wow very nice👍👍

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    Dá muito trabalho

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    J'aime 😚

  • Mary Magdalene Etters

    Mary Magdalene Etters

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    Have you not steamed all the flavor from the chicken in your first step? In the South, we just soak the chicken in milk, sprinkle salt, then dredge the chicken in flour mixture containing salt/pepper and a tsp. of poultry seasoning, dip in egg/cream bath, dredge again in flour mixture, heat crisco in pan over med/high, add chicken, fry for 10 minutes, turning once at 5 minutes, then cover pan, turn heat to lo, cook for 20 min. Now, take lid off, turn heat back up to med/high, carefully turn meat to crisp up the side that had been facing up (it will be a little soggy) for another 5-6 minutes. Take meat out and drain on paper towels. Meat can be put into a slow oven, if you are still frying. Crab season is used for Chesapeake style, instead of poultry seasoning.

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    Bone PR la santé

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    sramota je jesti noge ubijenoh stvorenja

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    Очень все медленно, заснуть можно

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      Nice 9

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    Chale se me hizo agua a la boca 👄 💧😂

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    Elouise Davis

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    Everything looks so good, i want tp try it all!!

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    Super danke

  • Angelina Vieira Farias

    Angelina Vieira Farias

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  • John A.

    John A.

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    This is just a drawn out version of shake and bake except you fry the chicken

  • Nevaeh Patterson

    Nevaeh Patterson

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    Where's the flava😩😩

  • Janice Moore

    Janice Moore

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    That is a good way to cook the chicken

  • Rixtronix LAB

    Rixtronix LAB

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    Yummy, nice video, thanks :)

  • Margarita Carazas Alvarez

    Margarita Carazas Alvarez

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    Por qué no escribe en español

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    Mmm… milksteak

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  • Thomas Jorge

    Thomas Jorge

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    Great, except in the Age of Covid, you should be wearing plastic gloves, ensured that the chickens were vaccinated and mandated your guests to wear their masks while chewing and Zoomed it all to the CDC.

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    Muito bom

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    Fica Uma Delícia parabéns

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      Vc fez? Tô aqui pensando em fazer, rs

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    Cooking chicken 4 months ago why still in u tube ???

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    Good Good Good Good Good

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    Thank you for sharing .

    • Dans La Cuisine de Sou

      Dans La Cuisine de Sou

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    Creo que se podria aprovechar la leche para hacer una salsa blanca o algo parecido para echarle arriba🤔